HIA Homeshow

HIA Homeshow Melbourne

For decades, the Housing Industry Association’s Home Shows were a buyer’s dream come true. These massive public exhibitions allowed visitors to walk through entire display homes, inspect the latest products up close, and gather ideas and advice – all under one roof over a multi-day event.

At the heart of each HIA Home Show were the life-sized display homes. Major builders from across the state would painstakingly construct and outfit these properties, allowing prospective buyers to get a true feel for different floor plans, design styles, and finishes. You could wander through the kitchens, bedrooms, living areas and outdoor spaces just as you would in a real home.

Surrounding the display homes were stands from hundreds of exhibitors showcasing an endless array of products and services related to home building and renovations. All the big names in construction materials, fixtures, appliances, furniture and more would be there, eagerly showing off their new product lines. Staff were on hand to explain features, functionality and pricing so buyers could compare options side-by-side.

More than just a browsing experience, the HIA Home Shows gave visitors the chance to interact directly with industry experts. There were endless seminars on topics like design trends, renovation tips, sustainable building practices and more. Guest speakers gave live demonstrations, and you could discuss technical details with suppliers face-to-face.

For homebuyers constructing a new property, it was an unmatched opportunity. In just a couple of days, you could view display homes from all the major builders in your area, comparing floor plans, quality and value. You could check out products in-person that you’d be selecting. You could gather advice and price quotes to inform your decision.

It was a similar bonanza for homeowners looking to renovate. You could inspect different kitchen, bathroom and living area setups to inspire your own renovation. You could see all the latest product innovations that may suit your project’s needs. You could take in advice from interior designers and renovation experts.

Whether constructing new or upgrading existing, the HIA Home Shows provided a one-stop shop for immersing yourself in the possibilities. For several days, it was a veritable buyer’s paradise of information and inspiration under one roof.